AEU Secure Employment Campaign

Secure employment benefits the whole school community.

Our Secure Employment Campaign focuses on the advertising of ongoing positions and the eligibility of members (ES and Teachers) to translate to ongoing employment.

We want to see sub-branches working together to translate as many eligible contract staff as possible into ongoing employment. Where there are no eligible employees in the workplace, but a genuine vacancy exists, we want to see these positions advertised as ongoing. 

Campaign resources 

Click on the links below to download the following resources:

We have created some pro-forma letters related to the translation from a fixed term contract to ongoing employment in the schools sector. Copy, paste and adapt them as needed! Click on the links:    

For your reference, here are DET's Probation-Guidelines for teachers.

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What can your sub-branch do?

With long-term planning decisions due by the end of November each year, all schools should undertake an audit of contracts and look at workforce plans to establish:

  • whether there is capacity for ongoing positions at your school
  • whether there are eligible staff that could be translated to those vacancies prior to advertisement
  • that if the role needs to be advertised externally, it is advertised as an ongoing position.

The agreement (VGSA 2013) states that "the standard mode of employment in the Teaching Service is ongoing. However, some fixed-term or casual employment will continue to be necessary."

When looking at workforce planning documents, the Consultative Committee should be able to clearly establish whether there is capacity to advertise ongoing positions and whether you have staff who are eligible to be translated to ongoing prior to advertising externally.

The AEU has created sample long-term planning documents, including workforce plans and contract audit templates:

Please contact the AEU if you need further information or advice on 03 9417 2822.

Case studies

We're keen to feature examples here of schools where sub-branches and leadership have effectively worked together to translate as many staff as possible into ongoing employment.

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Case study 1: The Lakes South Morang P-9

Case study 2: Craigieburn Secondary College

If your school has a positive story to tell, please let us know:

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