The AEU is the union for all who work in government schools — teachers, education support staff and school leaders. It supports you professionally and industrially and campaigns for public education and social justice.

Members in schools are represented by four elected officers: Erin Aulich (vice president, secondary), Briley Duncan (vice president, primary), Marino D'Ortenzio (deputy vice president, secondary) and Seir Holley (deputy vice president, primary). Administrative support is provided by Ann Dettenberg (secondary) and Julie Pond (primary). All of them can be contacted on (03) 9417 2822 or by email.

Principals, education support, graduate teachers and CRTs also have their own sections of the website.

Schools news

Your pay and conditions
Teachers, ES and principals in public schools are covered by the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2013. You can find a copy of the agreement, plus AEU advice and guidance about your pay and conditions here. more...

Schools EBA 2016
Schools EBA 2016
All the information you need about the process of negotiating the next Schools Agreement. more...

Log of Claims for next Schools Agreement
Log of Claims for next Schools Agreement
Everything you need to know about the Log of Claims process, including the meetings schedule, draft log and a list of matters allowed to be addressed. more...

AEU laptops case - FAQs
AEU laptops case - FAQs
Information for members and answers to FAQs regarding the outcome of the Federal Court laptops case. more...

Your publications
Find your latest AEU primary and secondary sector newsletters here. more...

Students' rights at work: resources for curriculum and careers counselling
A list of websites and resources aimed at helping students understand their rights and responsibilities at work. more...

Schools policies and submissions
The AEU is the voice of public education in Victoria; it sends submissions on behalf of members to government and parliamentary inquiries, reviews and consultation. This page contains AEU policies and submissions relating to primary and secondary education. more...

Practicum payments
Practicum payments
The AEU has asked universities for assurances they will continue to pay teachers for supervising student teacher practicums, and to negotiate an agreement to cover the payment. This page sets out which universities have responded. more...

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