AEU officers and staff

Elected leadership

Branch leadership

Meredith Peace
Gillian Robertson
Branch president
Meredith Peace
Deputy president
Justin Mullaly
Branch secretary
Gillian Robertson
Deputy secretary
Carolyn Clancy

Secondary sector

Vice president: Erin Aulich
Deputy vice president: Marino D'Ortenzio

Primary sector

Vice president: Briley Duncan
Deputy vice president: Seir Holley

TAFE and adult provision

Vice president: Greg Barclay
Deputy vice president: Elaine Gillespie

Early childhood

Vice president: Martel Menz
Deputy vice president: Cara Nightingale

Leadership executive officer

Rondah Rietveld

Administrative officers

Julie Pond 
Ann Dettenberg

AEU staff

Member Support Centre

Managers: John Handley and Jeff Slingsby
MSC Officers
Andrew Cassidy
John Kelepouris 
Andrew Kumar
Paul Mariani
Joel O'Connor 
Sarah Parr
Judy Poole
Julie Quinn

Administrative officer:
Linda McKenzie  

Recruitment Training and Campaigning

Manager: Erin Aulich

Team Leader - West
Marylouise Chapman 

Team Leader - East
Mark Hopper 

Organisers - West
Kate Aitken
Michael Claven
Rosemary Crowe
Meaghan Flack
Sue Mandley
Erich Sinkis
Kate Wiggins 

Organisers - East
Jon Ferguson
Jeff Gray
Kerry Maher
Joe Mulhall
John Oakley
Helen Stanley

Team leader - Specialists:  Leslie Adams
Student & graduate teachers: Adam Surmacz 
Women: Barb Jennings
Education Support: Kathryn Lewis
OH&S: Janet Marshall
Training: Rowena Matcott
Principals: Glennis Pitches
Online training: Jen Currie
Professional Learning Centre: David Tyson

Administrative officers
Georgia Charleston 
Sue Filippone
Anne Huggins

Sarah Jensen
Julie Lynch 

Tracey Rooney
Alison Sinkis 

Industrial and research

Industrial officers
Eddy Johnson
Michael McIver
Amanda Threlfall
Research officers
Justin Bowd
John Graham

Administrative officer
Marlene McLean


Managers: Rachel Power and Suzanne Taylor

Rachel Power
Suzanne Taylor
Seth Unmack
Digital Engagment Officer
Patricia Niklas

Graphic designers
Yuki Kamimura
Peter Lambropoulos
Susan Miller
Web and editorial assistant
Helen Prytherch

Information services

Manager: Asif Iqbal
IT support
Evan Henderson


Manager: Glenda Piddington
Nerissa Challen
Judy Crooks
Mary Giannakopoulos
Wanda Hayes
Helen Levesque
Lina Mastroianni
Georgia Pekin
Leonie Tindale


Georgia Pekin

Jenni Woods


Manager: Jeff Monks

Suzanne Frolin

Deb McGuire
Sally Glynn

HR and organisational development 

Manager: Jenny Evans     

Other services

Teacher Learning Network (TLN)

Executive officer
Michael Victory
Project coordinator
Michael Barrett
Program coordinator
Max Grarock
Office manager
Rebecca Duke

Superannuation fund member-elected directors

Dean Glare Barbra Norris
Christine Stewart Angela Stringer  

Teachers Health Fund representative

Sarah Kupsch

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