Koorie members

The AEU values the voice of Koorie members and encourages active participation in the union.

The Victorian branch conducts a number of activities specifically aimed at supporting Indigenous teachers, Koorie educators and in matters relating to Indigenous education.

We run activist and advocacy programs, provide funded professional development opportunities and encourage Koorie members to represent the Victorian Branch on various committees.

We also lobby the Victorian Government and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to provide adequate resourcing and training in Koorie education. The education system has a crucial role to play in maintaining identity and we advocate for the development of inclusive curricula.

The AEU supports the Recognise campaign to rewrite the Australian Constitution to mark the contribution and importance of our first peoples.

The AEU has developed national policy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education - for more information, see the Indigenous section of the AEU federal website.

If you wish to receive information on Indigenous education and current issues please email AEU vice president Erin Aulich.

Recognise: The campaign to recognise Australia's first peoples in the Constitution
Recognise: The campaign to recognise Australia's first peoples in the Constitution
The AEU Victorian Branch supports the campaign to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Austrlalian Constitution. Add your name to the campaign and find out more here. more...

Recognise This
Recognise This
Recognise This is the youth-led arm of the Recognise campaign. Visit the website and download the toolkit to spread the word among young Australians about the movement to rewrite the constitution. more...

Koorie Column
Koorie Column is a regular column in AEU News‚ reporting on current issues and developments in indigenous affairs. This is the latest article.  more...

Koorie voices in the AEU - a chance to speak up
The voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the AEU are essential to help the union develop policy and advocate for Indigenous children, families and communities and for Koorie education professionals. more...

Wannik: Victoria's Koorie educators strategy
Read the feature from AEU News, December 2009, on changes to the Koorie Educator workforce and the key role they play in the Wannik Indigenous education strategy. (PDF) more...

Education is the Key: AEU report
This federal AEU report into the impact of the federal Indigenous intervention in the Northern Territory finds that at least $1.7 billion over five years in additional funding is needed to deliver a high quality education to all children. more...

AEU Active and Advocacy programs
Koorie members are encouraged to take part in the AEU Active and ES Advocate programs. more...

Koorie articles
This section features articles from AEU publications on Koorie educational issues. more...

Koorie links
Here are some useful links to sites with information about Koorie and Indigenous issues. more...

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