Emergency Services & State Super (ESSSuper)

Dean Glare and Angela Stringer are the AEU-endorsed, member-elected directors on the Emergency Services & State Super Board (ESSSuper).

ESSSuper administers the Revised, New and SERB Superannuation Schemes for Victorian Government Teachers and SSOs employed prior to 1994.

Dean is available at the AEU Victoria building on Tuesday and Thursday to provide superannuation information and assistance to members. Angela is available on Wednesday and ThursdayDean and Angela can be contacted on (03) 9417 2822. Members can contact ESSSuper direct on 1300 655 476 or go to www.esssuper.com.au.

Gary Martin, a Member Education Consultant with ESSSuper is available for appointments at the AEU every Wednesday and Thursday. To book for a free consultation please click here to go to the ESSSuper website.

For further information please email Julie Lynch or phone 03 9418 4861.

New Scheme contribution rates
New Scheme members have the opportunity to alter their contribution rates at any time to suit their personal circumstances. more...

Salary sacrificing contributions to ESSSuper
Members of the teaching service (ie, principal class‚ teachers and education support staff) can now elect to pay their contributions to the Revised‚ New or SERB funds from pre-tax salary (salary sacrifice). more...

Superannuation choice of fund
Australian employees can now choose which fund their employer's superannuation guarantee contributions are paid into. more...

Family law legislation - Super and divorce
On divorce or separation, superannuation can now be divided in the same way as property. more...

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