CRT pay and conditions

CRTs are employed directly by school councils, not by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Their conditions of employment, including wages and grievance procedures, are set out in Ministerial Order 200.

Increases in CRT rates

Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) rates of pay and conditions are covered by Ministerial Order 200 and negotiations for this Order occured in 2013. The pay rates for CRTs have been increased in line with the percentage rises obtained for G1 teachers.

Date % Increase CRT daily rate CRT hourly rate
29/07/2013 2.641% $270.80 $45.13
01/02/2014 1.034% $273.60 $45.60
01/08/2014 3.545% $283.30 $47.22
01/02/2015 0.212% $283.90 $47.32
01/08/2015 3.311% $293.30 $48.88

As with the Schools agreement, pay rises will occur in two separate rises every year, one in February and another in August. The rises mean that CRTs will receive pay rises greater than the 2.5% offered by the Government (2013 – 2.6%, 2014 – 4.6%, 2015 – 3.5%).

These rates became effective from July 29, 2013.

Advice, guidance and resources for AEU members

Click here for members-only information and advice on pay and conditions

The AEU produces advice sheets, guidance documents, model letters and other resources for members and sub-branches to use in understanding and getting the most out of the agreement, including a comprehensive Implementation Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • Eligibility for CRT work
  • Workload and duties
  • Pay

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