Case study 2: Craigieburn Secondary College

13 November 2015

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Craigieburn SC rep Carla Mountney is proactive when it comes to reaching out to her colleagues who are on contracts, and letting them know about their rights - and she doesn't wait until Term 4 comes around to start the conversation.

"Throughout the year, I touch base with members on contracts for informal discussions," she said. "As a sub-branch, we talk about translation via our meetings."

For Carla, getting informed has been key.

"In partnership with the school, the AEU has held information sessions and these have been particularly useful in empowering members and providing support," she said.

Her advice to other reps is to:

  • establish a Long-Term Planning Document with your principal team and sub-branch
  • tap into AEU resources and support (such as letter templates and the expertise of organisers)
  • read up on the VGSA 2013 and be proactive about approaching staff and ensuring they are informed about their rights and potential eligibility for translation.

Carla's commitment to attaining job security for her colleagues is matched by that of her principal, Kate Morphy. Kate believes in the importance of sharing the Long Term Planning document with staff in order to communicate the staffing profile and the needs of the school.

"The values of our leadership team are articulated and we make sure that open dialogue in decision-making forums occurs," she said.

Photo caption: Sub-branch rep Carla Mountney, Principal Kate Morphy and Assistant Principal Allison Solly.

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