AEU welcomes move to end special religious instruction

21 August 2015

AEU Victoria welcomes the Andrews Government’s announcement today that it will remove religious instruction from the Victorian public education curriculum.

President Meredith Peace said religious instruction during class time was at odds with Victoria's secular education system.

“We welcome the Government’s move to introduce new curriculum that teaches students about respectful relationships, different cultures and ethics," Peace said.

"Public schools have an important role in teaching students about world histories, cultures, and ethics, but it should be delivered as part of an objective curriculum and be taught by a qualified teacher.

“If religious instruction is to be provided to students, it is a sensible move by the Government to stipulate it must occur before or after school or during lunchtimes, rather than during normal class time.

“Public education is secular. Parents can choose to have their child educated in line with the tenets of their faith and send them to a faith-based school. The delivery of religious instruction, focused on one particular faith in Victorian public school classrooms, does not reflect the multi-faith society that we live in.

“We also welcome the Government’s announcement today to fund respectful relationships education that will challenge negative attitudes that lead to violence against women. This is one preventative step in a range of initiatives that must be taken up by both the State and Federal Governments to address the family violence epidemic."

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