Case study: The Lakes South Morang P-9

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.32.40 pm [screen shot 2015 10 29 at 2.32.40 pm.png]For Kerrie Heenan, principal of The Lakes P-9 in South Morang, the thought of translating staff to ongoing begins when she begins workforce planning at the start of Semester 2.

“People have a right to an ongoing job," says Kerrie. "I consider this a basic right."

Like any school, word gets around pretty quickly when someone is translated.
“Our process is pretty public. You occasionally see dances of joy."

Kerrie says that at The Lakes P-9, if a staff member is successful in their P&D, and there isn’t a specific reason for a contract, then there's no reason to not make them ongoing.

"The hardest part is when you have multiple staff eligible for the one position,” she says. In a situation like this, Kerrie includes staff and the sub-branch in discussions about the process to ensure transparency.

We “look for reasons to do it, not to avoid it,” she says.

PIC (L-R): Natalie Grindal (PE and Health), Paul Zebrowski (AEU sub-branch president), Kerrie Heenan (Principal) and Naomi Harris (Primary/Generalist). Natalie and Naomi have recently been translated from fixed-term to ongoing status.

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