AEU News2015 2 Cover [aeu news2015 2 cover.jpg]The AEU's publications unit produces the branch's regular magazines and newsletters‚ alongside pamphlets‚ posters‚ leaflets‚ campaign materials and a wide variety of other resources.

AEU News is our flagship publication‚ sent free to members eight times a year. It is complemented by termly newsletters for each of the union's sectors. Professional Voice is our thrice-yearly professional journal.

The unit is run by communications officer Nic Barnard. We welcome letters‚ comments and story suggestions —  email us  or call (03) 9418 4841.

AEU News

AEU News is a full-colour 32 page‚ A4 magazine of news‚ opinion‚ in-depth features and behind-the-scenes information on the union‚ its campaigns and the issues that affect members.

Produced twice a term and posted to members' homes‚ it also features letters‚ reviews‚ profiles - plus a chance for members to win books for the classroom. Annual subscriptions for non-members are $60. AEU News is complemented by termly newsletters for each of the union's sectors.

This is a members-only publication — members can click on the cover above to read the latest issue.

Professional Voice

Professional Voice is the professional journal of the AEU in Victoria. Published three times a year, it aims to stimulate debate around contemporary professional and curriculum issues. PV is free to members but can be accessed online by non-members.


2504 PV 9 2 Cover [2504 pv 9 2 cover.jpg] 

  PV Vol4 Iss3-1 [pv vol4 iss3 1.jpg]
 PV 10.2
PUBLIC Private and Edu-business
 PV 10.1
TESTING times 
PV 9.3
PV 9.2
 PV 9.1
Equity and
PV 8.3
The National
 PV 8.2
With Parents
Voice Archive
Professional Voice subscription
Professional Voice is published three times a year and is free to financial members. Non-members and institutions can subscribe by downloading this form (PDF). more...

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