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AEU/IEU 2022 Student Teacher Conference

Your union is a place for everybody! Union business is not only about you as a worker but also about what you bring as a unique individual – diversity is our strength. You are the union, and the union movement does not leave anyone behind. It is the community you can turn to throughout your career for support as a worker and educator, and draw strength from to have your voice heard.  

Our conference keynote speakers, Dr Al Fricker and Belinda Webb, will provide you with evidence-based practical teaching strategies tailored to a diverse range of students. Our panellists, stallholders and comrades will share their commitment to taking action on diverse union issues, helping you on your way to becoming a well-rounded educator. Let’s reconnect again and build our community! 

Further AEU/IEU 2022 Student Teacher Conference information here

Pre-service teachers and the AEU

We offer a wide range of professional development and information sessions to help you land your first teaching position.

You might like to check out some of our online training videos.

New Educator Network

When you’re in the AEU, you’re also part of a vibrant, diverse community of fellow educators. The New Educator Network (NEN) is a community network run specifically for student and graduate members.

NEN runs social events for AEU members who are at a similar stage in their careers and provides opportunities for you to meet others, get involved in the union, help create policy and become active in key campaigns that will affect your working life and your students.

Every AEU student member is automatically joined up to NEN. Come join us online at our NEN Facebook page.

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