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Professional issues are central to the everyday work of all our members - that's why the AEU is the peak body for representing members' professional interests.

In addition to conducting research and influencing policy, the AEU's professional team produces an education research journal, Professional Voice.

We also produce two dedicated eNews, one for PL coordinators and another for curriculum coordinators.

Professional Voice is produced up to three times per year, and can be read online or in print. It is sent to all members of our coordinator networks and to all principal class members. Other members who are interested in receiving a copy can sign up below.

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Curriculum and Professional Learning Coordinators E-bulletin

The Curriculum and Professional Learning Coordinators E-bulletin is sent to members of the coordinators network four times a year. It features news, research, summaries, notices of PD opportunities, AEU reports and submissions and more. You can read and download recent editions below.


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