Women's program

Women have played – and continue to play – a powerful role in shaping our union and determining AEU priorities.

The AEU leads the way in advances for women in the workplace, with a strong and long-standing commitment to representation and advocacy.

Our women's network runs a busy program throughout the year, including our popular International Women's Day dinner, and the annual Women's Conference.

AEU women members can also take part in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project, which supports women to get more involved in their union, or the Rosemary Richards Scholarship, a federal grant to conduct research or complete a project connected to union activities.

A great way to be involved is to become the Women’s Officer in your Workplace (known as a WOW). The WOW increases the profile of issues which effect women in your workplace. You have opportunities to network, support other women and build the confidence of women at all stages of their career. You can be involved as much or as little as you like and can take advantage of our AEU programs, such as WILD,  which build your leadership capacity.

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Annual opportunities:

Women's events

Anna Stewart Memorial Project

Women in Leadership Development (WILD)

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