We conduct our business lawfully and ethically at all times, and protect the integrity of AEU funds. The AEU is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.


The AEU is a democratic organisation.

AEU leadership officers, sector and branch councillors are elected for three-year terms. The next elections will be held in September 2021, for terms of office beginning January 1, 2022. Elections are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

A full report on elections is available to members upon request.

The AEU rules contain details on how to elect sub-branch representative positions.

Our structure

The Australian Education Union is a national body, comprising seven branches and a federal office.

AEU Victoria is the Victorian branch of the AEU.

Key structures of the aeu

Branch Council

AEU Victoria's Branch Council is made up of 120 members from all sectors and all regions of Victoria, elected by their workplace colleagues to represent member interests and guide the union's activities. See here for Branch Council meeting dates.

Notices of Branch Council vacancies that arise between elections will be posted here.

Sector Councils

AEU Victoria also has four sector councils:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • TAFE & Adult Provision (TAP)
  • Early Childhood.

Notices of unfilled sector council vacancies will be posted below.

Branch Conference

AEU Victoria's annual Branch Conference is the union's key decision-making forum, setting union policy and direction for the coming year. It is held in Term 3* each year.

Delegates are nominated from the schools, TAFE, early childhood and adult provision sectors. 

*COVID-19 Update: On 1 May, Branch Council resolved to move the AEU Victorian Branch Annual Conference from its original planned date of 1 August in light of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic in the hope that a face-to-face meeting could be held at a later date in October. At the most recent meeting of Branch Council on 11 September, a resolution was passed to move the date of the Annual Conference from 24 October to 14 November. Please find the resolution and full details here.

Union rules

The AEU is governed by its rules, which determine the regulation and authority of the union's decision-making bodies and of individuals within the AEU. The AEU Rules are subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation. You can find the AEU Rules, including the resignation rule (Federal Rule 17) here.

Rule changes

We will post any applications we make for changes to branch rules here.

Notice of alteration of AEU Vic Branch Rules
The AEU Vic Branch has lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission on 30 August 2018 to alter the AEU Vic Branch Rules.  A copy of the proposed amendments are available from the AEU Victoria upon request.

  • The rule change, made in 2013 to comply with Fair Work legislation, can be downloaded here.
  • The most recent rule change made in 2016 can be downloaded here.
  • The FWA decision on the 2016 rule change can be found  here.

AEC notices regarding "difficult rules"

AEU reports

Notification to members pursuant to the Requirements of Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Act 2012, Fair Work Amendment Bill 2013 and Australian  Education Union Victoria Branch Rules.

Member-only reports (login required)

The AEU publishes a number of reports for members only.

Click to view reports

Annual financial report

AEU election notices

Coronavirus Impact on AEC Services – Industrial Elections 

The AEC has advised that the evolving COVID-19 situation is likely to impact on the delivery of elections for registered organisations.  The AEC has concerns that relevant stakeholders may not have a full opportunity to participate in the elections, either as candidates, nominators, voters or scrutineers.  

For this reason, the AEC has determined that from close of business 24 March 2020, all industrial elections will be ceased and re-run in three months’ time. For elections currently underway, this will require the Returning Officer to invoke s.193 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations Act) 2009 to reset the election timetable.

The Registered Organisations Commission has been advised and Decisions for scheduled and other events will likely be delayed as a result. 


Nominations are being called for delegates to represent AEU Victoria at the AEU Federal Conference and National TAFE Council (NTC) for:

E2019/231 Insufficient Nominations Election

E2020/43 Insufficient Nominations Election

AEU post-election reports

E2019/153 Scheduled Election – Ordinary Members of Branch Executive

E2019/95 AEU Victorian Branch Casual Vacancies Election - Ordinary Members of Sector Councils 

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