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Frequently Asked Questions about the Capability Assessment

Publish date: 14/12/2021
Summary: From 1 February 2022, teachers on Level 2.5 in the VECTEA and EEEA will be eligible to progress to Level 3.1 on the pay scale. This is conditional on the teacher satisfying the eligibility requirements and completing a Capability Assessment. The Capability Assessment is included in VECTEA clause 50.2 – 50.8 and EEEA clause 54.12 – 54.17. Click here to read more about these agreements.  Frequently Asked Questions Will there be any resources made available for both teachers and employers to support the undertaking of the Capability Assessment?  Yes, the AEU, ELAA (Early...

Superannuation while on Parental Leave

Publish date: 09/09/2020
Summary: Women retire with an average 42% less in superannuation savings than men. Why do women end up poorer in retirement? Women earn less than men – and the more time they spend out of the workforce, the less they have in superannuation. The average 60-year-old woman would need to work an extra 25 years to retire with the same amount of superannuation as her male counterpart. The fastest growing group of homeless people is women over 50 who have had a relationship breakdown. When considering taking any form of leave, it’s important to consider the implications on your...

Paid Parental Leave - Federal Scheme

Publish date: 09/09/2020
Summary: The Australian Government introduced Australia’s first national paid parental leave (PPL) scheme on 1 January 2011. Claims and registration must be made through the Family Assistance website of the Services Australia. The AEU welcomes this scheme but will continue to bargain and advocate for improvements including payment of superannuation, counting of PPL as service and lifting of the 18 weeks of PPL to full replacement wage. This information can change so always check with Services Australia for the most current details. Background Paid parental leave is funded...

All members: Becoming a parent and your job

Publish date: 09/09/2020
Summary: What AEU members need to know about their rights when becoming a parent Entitlements and eligibility. Parental leave. Potential problems. Parental leave and AEU membership. Prior to 1984‚ women were forced to resign or take long service leave to have and raise their children. The AEU has fought long and hard to win family leave and ensure that all parents are now supported with paid leave.  Parental leave kit  The AEU is committed to looking after the needs of members with family responsibilities. As part of that commitment, we have produced a kit to provide information...

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