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Schools: How should a school implement the face-to-face allocations (VGSA 2022)?

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Summary: Schools will look at multiple factors when determining what an educational program looks like at the school – including, for example, how much time is allocated to a specialist program, or the number of periods allocated to English in Year 7 compared to Year 12. However, before these questions are answered, some foundational parameters need to be put in place at a school to ensure that the discussions happen within the bounds of the VGSA 2022.The first and most obvious parameter is the maximum face-to-face allocation that can occur. From the beginning of 2024 this will be 21…

Schools: Salaries and superannuation for principal class employees

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Summary: PrincipalsSalaries for school principals are set out in the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022.The minimum salary for a principal position is determined with reference to the size of the school’s student resource package (excluding DE superannuation contributions, WorkCover premiums, locally raised funds, and Commonwealth funds that cannot be anticipated for more than two years).ExampleJudy is the principal of a school. In 2023, the school’s student resource package is $3,625,491, meaning Judy is classified at Range 3.Due to an increase in enrolments, in 2024 the…

Casual relief teacher wages

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Summary: Casual relief teachers (CRTs) differ from other teachers in Victorian government schools in that they are not employed by the Department of Education and Training and are not employed under the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022. CRTs are employed by either the school council of the school in which they are working or by a CRT agency (such as ANZUK, Tradewinds).The rates of pay for CRTs differ depending on whether the CRT is employed by a school council or an agency.School council CRTs       A CRT employed by a school council is…

Schools Sector: Consultation

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Category: Education Support, Graduate Teachers, Principals, School Teachers, Student Members
Summary: What is consultation?Consultation is the process of involving relevant persons to influence decision-making.A consultative committee must be established in each school to facilitate the opportunity to discuss work related matters and concerns.A consultative committee will be made up of: the principal, as the Employer’s representative; two nominees of the principal, or, in the case of a multi campus school, one nominee of the principal from each campus; two staff members elected by and from the total staff, or, in the case of a multi campus school, one staff member from each…