AEU welcomes new entry standards for Initial Teacher Education

AEU Victoria welcomes today’s announcement by the State Education Minister James Merlino that the state government will introduce new university entry standards for teachers.

The AEU has long campaigned for higher entry standards, including setting a benchmark of selecting students from the top 30 percent of secondary school graduates.  By 2019 we will move to a system where admission to a teaching degree will require a minimum ATAR of 70. 

“This is an important initiative by the Andrews Government, which will raise the status of the profession, attract the most capable entrants to teaching courses and ensure our children get the best education possible,” said Meredith Peace, President of the AEU in Victoria.  

“In addition, the development of a framework for all forms of entry, based on academic standards and personal attributes, will ensure those same high standards for school leavers are applied to the alternative pathways many use to enter teacher education courses.  

“One of the most significant changes in 2018 would be the introduction of entry based on personal attributes for teaching in addition to the academic standards.   

“This will raise the bar across the board because the ability to manage competing demands, motivation to teach, empathy, problem solving and communication skills are just as important when teachers complete their training and find themselves in front of a classroom. 

 “We look forward to working with the Victorian Government to implement the changes from 2018, said Ms Peace. 

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