AEU welcomes significant extra support for students with a disability

The Australian Education Union (AEU) Victorian branch has welcomed the Victorian Government’s investment of more than $1.5 billion in support for students with a disability.

The investment will mean many more students will get the extra specialist support they need and see an overhaul of the outdated way in which students with a disability are allocated support.

Extra teachers will be employed to provide more classroom support for students with a disability and schools will have more resources to work even more closely to share expertise to support all students.

Importantly teachers and support staff will have access to additional professional development and specialist expertise.

AEU Victorian Branch Deputy President Justin Mullaly said teachers, principals and support staff together with families of students with a disability will welcome the additional resources which will help to address the needs of many more students.

“The Victorian Government has listened to the concerns of our members and acted through this significant investment,” said Mr Mullaly.

“Victoria’s teachers, principals, and support staff work tirelessly to support the needs of all students, including those with a disability, but have done so for too long without the support and resources required. This investment is a positive step in the right direction.

The Australian Education Union has been urging the Victorian Government to allocate extra funding for students with a disability for more than a decade and supports a funding model
which is focussed on student strengths and needs, and the adjustments required to support those students.

“The AEU will work with the government to implement the reforms they have announced and will continue to advocate for additional resources for students with a disability to build on this positive start.”