2 years of funded preschool for every child

Every child deserves two years of preschool – one year as a 3 year-old, and another as a 4 year-old. The educational benefits are beyond question.

The solution is simple: the federal government must make its funding contribution permanent.

4 year-old preschool

Since its introduction in 2013, preschool funding for 4 year-olds has constantly been under threat, with federal governments only providing enough funding for 12-18 months. The current federal funding runs out in 2019. That’s why we are campaigning to ensure the federal government makes the funding permanent, once and for all.

3 year-old preschool

Every 3 year-old child deserves a year of preschool. Currently 75% of Victorian children are missing out of 3 year-old preschool because fees are too high for many parents. That means 75% of Victorian children are being denied the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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