2 years of funded preschool for every child

On 7 October Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews committed to investing in 2 years of funded preschool, should they be elected.
A Labor state government will invest $5 billion dollars to roll out 15 hours per week of 3 year-old preschool from 2020.

A federal Labor government will invest in $1.75 billion to assist will rolling out 3 year-old preschool.

Congratulations to AEU members for your continued campaigning efforts! It has well and truly paid off.

Now it’s time to see if Matthew Guy’s Liberals will also commit to early education.


Every child deserves two years of preschool – one year as a 3 year-old, and another as a 4 year-old. The educational benefits are beyond question.

The solution is simple: the federal government must make its funding contribution permanent.

4 year-old preschool

Since its introduction in 2013, preschool funding for 4 year-olds has constantly been under threat, with federal governments only providing enough funding for 12-18 months. The current federal funding runs out in 2019. That’s why we are campaigning to ensure the federal government makes the funding permanent, once and for all.

3 year-old preschool

Every 3 year-old child deserves a year of preschool. Currently more than 50% of Victorian children are missing out of 3 year-old preschool because fees are too high for many parents. That means more than 50% of Victorian children are being denied the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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