A better deal for TAFE members

TAFE members are campaigning for a better agreement.

Members working in Victoria's 12 standalone TAFEs have voted to take protected industrial action. 

It's been two years since TAFE members tabled their claims for improved pay and conditions. But negotiations with TAFES and the state government have dragged on for 22 months, with no real progress. 

TAFE members have not had a pay rise for 18 months. Enough is enough!

TAFE Teachers, Senior Educators, and Education Managers are undervalued and overworked. They face excessive workloads, increased class sizes, outdated classifications, and insulting rates of pay.

The state government's 3% offer is unacceptable. From 1 July 2024, experienced TAFE teachers will be be earning around 7% (or $7,742) LESS than school teachers with comparative experience.

Our key demands are being ignored. So we are stepping up our campaign.

We won't back down until we secure a deal that addresses TAFE members' key issues and gives them the respect they deserve.


What can TAFE members do?

Step 1: Take protected industrial action and wear red

TAFE members will be taking protected industrial action from 6am on Monday 22 April. 

Industrial action will include: 

  • stopping work for the duration of any campus visit by a state Labor MP
  • bans on performance of Excess Teaching Duty Hours
  • bans on work related to auditing and professional development
  • bans on providing documents or other material related to audit processes or the validation and moderation of course materials
  • bans on recording student engagement or attendance
  • bans on participation in promotional events including events designed to attract new students
  • bans on responding to management enquiries other than enquiries related to OHS matters, teacher’s entitlements, or student welfare.

Bans will include 'Wear Red' days to boost visibility for the campaign. For a limited time, members can also order a red AEU t-shirt at no cost – visit the AEU shop and enter this promo code at checkout: TAFEANDUNITED.

Step 2: Look out for our emails and come to an online meeting

The campaign can move quickly, and our main way to update members is via email, so keep an eye on your inbox

If you haven't been receiving our member emails, please check your junk folder and select 'not junk' for any AEU messages. Otherwise, contact us.

AEU members will also be notified about scheduled online meetings where we will provide members with updates about the campaign and answer questions about taking protected industrial action.

Step 3: Ask a non-member colleague to join the union

Non-members cannot lawfully take industrial action for better pay and conditons at work.

You and other AEU members should not carry the load for teachers who have not joined – we all need to be in this together.

Ask your colleagues to join the AEU so they can take action with you. Only strength in numbers will see you win a fair and decent outcome.

Step 4: Talk to your colleagues about the government's insulting offer

Tell your colleagues about the insulting offer put to TAFE teachers by the state government:

  • a minimal pay rise of 3% per year, when similarly experienced school teachers are paid around 7% more
  • a push for more teaching hours – moving from 800 hours to 840 hours annually
  • taking time for in-class assessment out of teaching hours
  • no relief from excessive workloads
  • no improvements to the classification structure or how teaching qualifications are recognised.

Your log of claims

At the start of 2022, AEU TAFE members were clear about the key issues to be addressed in negotiations for a new agreement.


  1. Excessive workloads   
    You called for a reduction in teaching hours, an increase in preparation time, shaved hours addressed, and in-class assessment acknowledged as teaching.   
  2. Secure employment   
    You want to see more ongoing full and part-time positions, along with improved arrangements for casual teachers, and a review of the use of 'industry expert' casuals.   
  3. Qualifications   
    You want to be recognised for your skills, knowledge and experience, and see proper acknowledgement of the importance of education and vocational qualifications for high-quality teaching and learning.   
  4. Pay rises   
    You want the role of TAFE teachers to be valued and respected and for this to be rewarded through improved salaries that reflect your worth.

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