OHS campaigns

The AEU campaigns for improvements to health and safety in the workplace for members, and for workers across Australia and throughout the world.

We are Union OHS Reps

The Victorian Trades Hall Councils runs many OHS campaigns every year.

Be sure to check in regularly to see what is happening.

We are Union OHS Reps

Women's Rights at Work

Be sure to check in on the page for festival events, as well as information on gendered violence at work, domestic violence as a workplace issue, paid parental leave, and insecure or low-paid work.

Women's Rights at Work

Safe At Work

Everyone is confronted with a health and safety issue at work at some point. But nobody should have to deal with it alone. Safe At Work is the major health and safety campaign of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), which fights to protect and improve health and safety in workplaces across the nation.

Safe At Work

Make Australia Asbestos Free

Australia’s union members have been hit hard by the asbestos epidemic. Many have lost their lives through their exposure in the workplace. Miners of asbestos have been badly affected but also many other tradespeople, workers and even family members of workers. Waterside workers who loaded asbestos onto ships, mechanics that worked on asbestos-filled brake pads, electricians and technicians in power stations that used asbestos, as well as builders, carpenters, roofers and other tradespeople that used ‘fibro’ building products. 

After many years of concerted union campaigning, the use of asbestos in Australian workplaces was banned at the end of 2003. 

But more than 500 Australians die annually from the asbestos disease mesothelioma, that rate is still increasing and the number of deaths each year are still to peak. Even after the projected peak number of deaths each year, people will continue to die from asbestos-related diseases for many years to come.

The union movement has outlined a 6-point plan to make Australia asbsestos free.

ACTU asbestos site

Zero Occupational Cancer

Did you know more than 1.5 million Australian workers have been exposed to carcinogenic substances? That’s why the AEU has joined unions around Australia and the world in the Zero Occupational Cancer campaign. Occupational cancer is the most common work-related cause of death. The International Labour Organisation estimates the human toll at over 600‚000 deaths a year – one death every 52 seconds.

Zero Occupational Cancer

International Workers' Memorial Day

International Workers' Memorial Day is marked on April 28 every year – a global union campaign day to remember the dead and to fight for better, safer, healthier work.

Globally, we remember the 2 million workers who die, the 1.2 million who are injured and the 160 million who fall ill each year from unsafe, unhealthy or unsustainable work and workplaces.

Unions in Victoria mark the day with an annual service at Remembrance Rock, on the corner of Victoria and Lygon Streets, Carlton South.

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