Preschool Funding Now!

Every child deserves two years of funded preschool.

Early childhood education with a qualified preschool teacher sets up children for a life of learning.

But federal funding for preschool runs out at the end of 2020.

Without this support, the costs fall to parents and prohibitive fees mean too many kids miss out.

The Andrews state government is funding its share of 15 hours of preschool per week for every three and four-year-old child in Victoria.

We're calling on the federal Morrison government to commit to its share of permanent funding for early childhood education.

We'd love to connect with you on our Preschool Funding Now Facebook page and our Early Childhood Teachers Facebook page.

We're urging all AEU members to contact their local federal Liberal MP or candidate and invite them to experience your preschool program in action. Let them see what a difference early education is making for the children at your preschool!


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