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Students not getting skills and jobs

VET has become a money-making exercise for private businesses, reaping public funds while charging students up to three times as much as TAFE to deliver low-quality courses by unqualified teachers.

Only TAFE can be trusted to give students the quality training and support they need to complete their course with real, job-ready skills.

Shortage of skilled workers

Some private providers are not even delivering the minimum hours designated for courses.

Many are offering online and distance training with no proper support or monitoring – sometimes enrolling students who are physically unable to complete courses, let alone repay the debt.

Low completion rates are wasting taxpayer money, and low skills are putting our community and economy at risk.

Taxpayer money wasted

It has been costing taxpayers on average seven times more to educate a student at a private vocational college than a public TAFE!

Yet TAFE maintains significantly higher completion rates.

The market-driven system is hurting public TAFE and leaving students short-changed.

Taxpayer dollars should be invested in maintaining an accessible public education system, not lining the pockets of business.

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