Coronavirus advice and information for AEU members

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is presenting unique and rapidly evolving challenges to all those working in public education. Your health and safety is the AEU’s highest priority at this time.

These unprecedented circumstances are raising concerns and anxiety for many members. We are demanding that employers, including the Department of Education and Training (DET), provide appropriate support to AEU members across a range of issues, including health and safety, pay and arrangements for casual staff.

In situations like these, AEU members are at the heart of ensuring children and students are supported, and that their families have clear information about the operation of their places of education. We are endeavouring to ensure that you, our members, have the support and information you need.

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Other advice

If members have specific inquiries, they should email [email protected] or contact the AEU directly on 1800 AEU VIC (1800 238 842). Due to high demand, there could be a delay in replying to emails - however, we are working to respond as quickly as possible.

The union will update advice to members as the situation changes.

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