Covid 19 advice for AEU Early Childhood members


  • We are working hard to ensure arrangements for salaries and conditions are put in place in the event of centre closures. The AEU and ELAA have committed to partner up and draft a FAQ for our members. We will also be reaching out to MAV in the hope of doing the same.
  • More information to come on industrial entitlements soon.
  • Please note if you require any industrial support it can and will only be provided to AEU members. 

Provision of 15 hours and kindergarten Funding

  • To ensure kindergarten services receive their maximum eligible funding the Department strongly encourages service providers to complete their Annual Confirmation through KIM as soon as possible.
  • There may be periods when it is not possible to deliver the scheduled funded kindergarten program hours, in these circumstances the Department is relaxing the requirement to deliver 600 hours across the year and services will not be required to provide make up sessions as per the current practice.
  • The funding will continue as normal including School Readiness Funding, Ratios and the Teacher supplement.
  • DET are having conversations with the Commonwealth to ensure the Universal Access funding will also continue to be provided.

Parent Fees

  • Actively working through issues now with further advice to come.


  • QARD are working on advice that should be available in the next couple of days. Safety being the number one priority for children and staff.

Assessment and Rating

  • The Assessment and Ratings that are scheduled for this week will go ahead. It is very likely that they will be rescheduled moving forward and in the short term it will just be compliance.

DET Regional Offices

  • DET are working with their regional offices to streamline the processes and support required by the EC workforce.

Cleaning and Supplies 

  • The issues around increased cleaning services being required and the lack of supplies (toilet paper, tissues and hand sanitiser) has been raised. 

Child Protection 

  • Early Childhood Services are safe spaces for our most vulnerable children the question was asked; what support for children and families will be put in place if services close. 

Other advice

If members have specific inquiries, they should contact the AEU directly on 1800 AEU VIC (1800 238 842). The union will update advice to members as the situation changes.

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