Level 1 Reps' Training - 2-part program

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Category: Training

Contact Name: Sue Filippone [email protected]

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This program is designed to give reps what they need to operate within and create an effective sub-branch. It will be made up of two (2) parts and aims to strengthen your skills and knowledge as an AEU rep and provide an opportunity to plan 'union activity' in your sub-branch.


It covers:

> an introduction to unionism in the AEU and your role on the sub-branch;

> how to build and maintain an engaged sub-branch, including building activism, mapping and recruitment.


Part One: A live and online session on Monday, 7 February, 9.30am - 4.00pm

Part Two: A live and online discussion on Thursday, 3 March, 1.15pm - 3.30pm

By registering HERE, you are  registering for Part One and Part Two.

There will be CRT release for both training sessions where the school has employed a CRT or ES replacement for you during that time.

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Start Date:
07 Feb 2022

End Date:
07 Feb 2022

Start Time:

End Time:


Venue Name
Online at your computer

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At your workplace or at home, MELBOURNE VIC 3000

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