It's about time: Victorian Liberals must commit to fully funding public schools

The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch is urging the Victorian Opposition to commit to funding public schools in Victoria to a minimum of 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS), a commitment that is long overdue.

Branch President Meredith Peace said that the staggering difference between private and public school funding in the state should serve as a reminder to major parties every day that public school students are being systematically shortchanged by governments.

“It is Victoria’s public schools that open their doors to every student, no matter their background or their needs, and provide them with the high quality education they need to set them up for life,” Ms Peace said.

“Public schools don’t discriminate, so when will our politicians stop discriminating?”

“Opposition Leader John Pesutto is quick to promise that some private schools in Victoria won’t pay payroll tax. But where is his promise to fully and fairly fund public education?

“Public school students are only funded to 90.4% of the governments’ own funding benchmark, while private schools are overfunded far beyond their minimum SRS levels every year. Private school funding is increasing at six times that of public schools – a shameful statistic.

“By refusing to commit to fully funding public schools, the Victorian Opposition is sending a clear message to public school students, parents, teachers, support staff and principals – that their needs are secondary.

“If Liberals truly care about Victoria’s students and their education, the task ahead is laid out for them plain and clear: commit to fully funding public schools to a minimum of 100% of the SRS,” said Ms Peace.

31 May 2023