Help us achieve better pay & conditions for staff in public schools.

Being an AEU member is about standing side-by-side with almost 50,000 union members across public education.

Teachers, ES and principals need to stick together to protect our rights at work - and improve them.

The more members we have across the state, the stronger we become. This allows us to negotiate better pay and conditions, and protect members in the workplace.

Join your union today, and you’ll have a direct say in the next VGSA – the agreement that governs pay and conditions for staff in public schools.

You’ll also get access to professional, industrial and legal support when you need it and professional development.

Plus, new members get the first two months free! Just select 4/weekly credit card or direct debit when you sign up. 

Reduced subscription rates for new graduates in schools.

Training and advice on all professional matters.

Free legal counsel and support.

A voice in your profession and the future of public education.

Access to member benefits and discounts.

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