Legal support

AEU membership gives you access to legal services through the union and its partners, including free legal advice.

The AEU is able to access some of the best legal resources to enable members to fight collectively, and assist individuals to resolve work-related matters.

AEU members can receive a free initial legal consultation on any work-related matter. The union may provide legal assistance to members for industrial cases, employment law matters, workers' compensation claims and potential criminal matters.

Any legal assistance must be approved by the union in accordance with its internal policies and procedures prior to any legal referrals being made. Any costs incurred by members prior to or without union approval for legal assistance will not be met by the union.

Read a summary of the AEU's Legal Expenses Policy.

Members can also request a refferal to a recommended legal firm for certain non-work-related matters (eg. family law matters), and get a free standard will from our external lawyers. 

If you need legal advice about work-related matters, contact the AEU first on 03 9417 2822 or 1800 238 842.