Pay and conditions

We know that you work hard. Very hard. You’re happy to go that extra mile for your students.

That’s why we go the extra mile for you with every new enterprise agreement (EA). You deserve the very best conditions, and pay that reflects your effort, skill and experience. 

You’re the ones at the chalkface, so when it comes to making your working life better, we’re guided by you. You’ve told us that your workload is huge and getting bigger – with seemingly endless admin duties and the pressures of face-to-face teaching time. We know that too many of you are on contracts and lack job security.

We’re listening.

In the lead-up to enterprise bargaining negotiations we always meet with sub-branches, invite members to make submissions, and distribute surveys far and wide to make sure your voice is heard.

Last year we completed Australia’s largest ever workload survey, with over 19,000 teachers, ES staff and principals responding. The results give us a clear picture of the pressures you’re facing, and will help us to combat them in the next Schools EA.

Together, we have achieved some significant wins in each EA, including:

  • School teachers – wage rises of 16-20% over 2013-2016, and fair performance and development processes that focus on teacher needs.
  • Principals – wage rises of 14-23% over 2012-2015, and upgrade of all Range 1 principals to Range 2 principals.
  • Education support - wage rises of 15-37% over 2008-2015, 10 additional days of annual leave, and time-in-lieu.
  • Early childhood teachers – a 3% annual wage rise and pay parity with teachers, workload clauses to help deliver workload relief, 50 days of leave for co-educators.
  • TAFE teachers – single state-wide agreement, $2,000 sign-on bonus, and protection of workload to stop it increasing from 800 to 1200 hours.

Learn more about your pay and conditions

We’ve created some handy resources to help you learn more about your agreement, including implementation guides, advice sheets and pay scales. To access these, please log in.

We also offer targeted training to help you understand and implement your agreement. For especially curly questions, our Member Support Centre is standing by for your call.

Though an overwhelming number of AEU members are covered by enterprise agreements, some are covered by modern awards and the National Employment Standards (NES).

Awards and the NES work together to form a safety net of minimum terms and conditions for everyone working in Australia.

You can find more information about whether you are covered by an enterprise agreement or an award after you login. Our Member Support Centre can also help you find out which enterprise agreement or award applies to you.

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