Member support and advice

There is no problem too big or too small for our Member Support Centre.

Whether you want to check your pay scale, aren’t sure about what leave you’re entitled to, or want advice about how to get off that contract and into an ongoing position – the MSC can assist.

With an in-depth understanding of your agreements, the Education Department, and issues affecting all educators, our MSC officers can give you clear and accessible information and practical solutions.

You can also access our useful member-only advice sheets, spanning topics from managing workplace stress, to lesson planning, to superannuation.

Representation and advocacy

Are you having a disagreement with your employer about time in lieu? Or experiencing workplace bullying? Are you in the midst of an excess staffing situation? Need back up?

Our officers are here to support you in conflict-resolution situations. We understand the processes, and can help with mediation by liaising with staff, management and the department.

If necessary, we also provide free, comprehensive legal support and representation. We can refer you to one of our industrial officers, who are all qualified lawyers, if you require more specialist legal assistance.

We advocate for you industrially, too – fighting for the best pay and conditions for educators with every enterprise agreement. We’ve got a strong history of improving conditions for our members, like our historic win of up to 45% more pay for disability workers, or pay parity for early childhood teachers and school teachers, or stopping TAFE teaching loads from being increased from 800 hours to 1200 hours.

We know that many of you are concerned about the insecurity of short-term contracts, and your increasing and excessive workload. It’s important for us to consult with you to find out what the most pressing issues are – that’s why we invite log-of-claims submissions, meet regularly with sub-branches, and last year completed Australia’s biggest ever workload survey with more than 19,000 responses.

We represent you when it comes to big-picture advocacy – winning over politicians, policy makers and voters to support public education with our powerful state and federal campaigns. Our campaigns have cut-through. Election day polls showed the I Give a Gonski campaign made public education a key issue for voters at the last federal election, and impacted on the election outcome.

Member communications

As a busy educator, it can sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your field. We bring you the latest in curriculum developments, education pedagogy, politics, industrial actions, campaign updates, media and events.

AEU News is our flagship publication. As a member you will receive four issues of this colourful magazine per year, filled with news, analysis and thought-provoking features. Find out what’s happening in the education community, read members’ stories, and be entertained by our more irreverent columns!

In terms of digital communications, each sector is kept in the loop with printed newsletters and e-bulletins featuring targeted news, events and information. Our e-news bulletin is a monthly update of AEU campaign actions and union news – with regular movie ticket giveaways!

The AEU’s Professional Voice journal is at the cutting edge of educational thinking, stimulating debate on education practice, curriculum and pedagogy. PV creates awareness of innovation, best practice and reform across all sectors of public education.

Disaster financial assistance

Natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and severe storms can occur without warning, and members affected by these natural disasters can face immediate hardship from damage or loss of property, money and personal items.

AEU Victoria can provide disaster financial assistance to support current financial members who have experienced sudden and significant loss with respect to their primary residence from community-affected natural disasters.

This benefit is available notwithstanding any other insurance or compensation and applies where a natural disaster has impacted on a member and their community. It is not applicable to isolated household or personal events that only affect the member and their family.

Payments are based on the extent of the damage or loss incurred in each case, up to a payment of $500 for a total loss or inundation of the primary residence.

Click here to download the claim form.

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