Minister Birmingham gets massive fail on NAPLAN Review

AEU Victoria says the NAPLAN Review agreed at today’s COAG Education Council meeting does not address principal, teacher and parents’ concerns.

“Today’s decision shows that Minister Birmingham is out of touch with the views of principals and teachers and the community and with what is happening in our schools. We need an urgent and comprehensive review of NAPLAN itself, not just the presentation and reporting of NAPLAN data,” said Meredith Peace, President of the Australian Education Union in Victoria.  

“The scope of the review announced today is superficial. Minister Birmingham is being disingenuous in hoodwinking the public into thinking a review is taking place. 

“Teachers know NAPLAN detracts from the curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment that will make a difference for our students. NAPLAN takes too much time and creates too much stress for students. Teachers asked for a thorough and comprehensive review and the Minister has tried to play them for fools.

“It is teachers and principals who are in our schools, supporting our children’s learning every day. If Minister Birmingham was genuine about fixing the problems with NAPLAN he would have listened to the profession and consulted them on the terms of reference for this review,” said Ms Peace. 

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