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Deep school funding inequality entrenched over past decade


New analysis of ACARA data by Trevor Cobbold from Save our Schools Australia shows that funding inequality has been exacerbated under the Morrison Government...
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Digital divide impacts vulnerable students


An independent report commissioned by the Australian Education Union (AEU) has revealed the persistent long-term gap in digital access, affordability and...
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UN report finds increased funding needed to improve student inclusion


A global report into progress on UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal for education has found that more investment is required into professional development...
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Women workers hit by Jobkeeper cuts and end to free childcare


Throughout the pandemic and economic crisis, women have had their jobs destroyed and their hours cut at a faster rate than men. Some 95% of the 200,000...
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TAFE funding boost must be at heart of COVID response


Restoration of the billions of dollars of funding cut from TAFE over the past decade must be at the heart of any Commonwealth response to the Vocational...
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Urgent need for guaranteed preschool funding: COAG review


A call to lock in five years of guaranteed Commonwealth funding for preschool is welcome recognition of the critical role early childhood education plays in...
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Morrison should provide hygiene funding for all schools


Today’s announcement by the Morrison Government to deliver another $10 million special deal to private schools to improve COVID-19 hygiene measures ignores...
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Kids washing hands

AEU welcomes staggered return to schools


The Australian Education Union (AEU) Victorian Branch has welcomed the Victorian government’s announcement that public schools will begin a staggered return...
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Labor leader Anthony Albanese must deliver for public education


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and Labor must resist any push to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification for abandoning its current progressive...
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COVID-19 exposes deep inequality in school funding


The Federal Government’s concern for the education of vulnerable children during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for equitable funding for all...
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