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Published twice a year, AEU Victoria's Professional Voice journal aims to stimulate debate on contemporary professional and curriculum issues.

Professional Voice is free in hard copy for AEU members - email Marlene McLean to subscribe.

The theme of the Summer 2017 issue of Professional Voice, 'What works (and what doesn't)' is an examination for the evidence on the theory and practice that is working - or not working - in school and early childhood education.

In an age of ideologically driven policy and ‘alternative facts’, our articles are sourced from authors due to their research expertise and the depth and quality of their work in these areas.

The articles cover pedagogical dos and don’ts, catering for the needs of students with learning difficulties, the case for two years of preschool education, the value of homework and the funding of education.

Download this issue of PV online here.

Feature articles:

Gehan Roberts, Brain training: panacea for working memory difficulties?

Stephen Dinham, The lack of an evidence base for teaching and learning: fads, myths, legends, ideology and wishful thinking

Rachel Power, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young on neuroplasticity in the classroom

Professional Voice archive issues

TEACHING in context: Issue 11, Volume 2 - Winter 2016
SCHOOL choice: Issue 11, Volume 1 - Autumn 2016
TEACHING "teaching": Issue 10, Volume 3 - Winter 2015
PUBLIC, private and edu-busines: Issue 10, Volume 2 - Summer 2015
TESTING times: Issue 10, Volume 1 - Winter 2014
GERM Global Education Reform Movement: Volume 9, Issue 3 - Summer 2013  
SCHOOL improvement: Volume 9, Issue 2 - Autumn 2013

Professional Voice back copies

The AEU has a number of spare back copies of PV. The contents of each edition are available here. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a specific edition email Marlene McLean indicating the volume, number, and title of the edition, your name (and AEU membership number) and your postal address.

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