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Edition 13.2: Learning in the shadow of the pandemic

This winter edition is being published in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. The articles we feature either implicitly, or in some cases explicitly acknowledge this situation.

Editorial: Learning in the shadow of the pandemic
John Graham

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and why educators need to skill up now
Erica Southgate

Student voice, agency and participation
Roger Holdsworth

What the Arts teach and how it shows (in the time of COVID-19)
Mark Selkrig, Kathryn Coleman and Abbey MacDonald

Attracting and Retaining Australia’s Teachers
Amanda Heffernan, David Bright and Fiona Longmuir

The National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools Program
Diane Toe and Lynette Longaretti

Remote learning in pandemic times
Steven Kolber

Barbara Preston on public education, the digital divide and teacher professionalism
Interview by John Graham

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Edition 13.1: Mental health, reporting and the future of education

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Edition 12.3: Personalised learning, inclusion and equity

The Summer 2019 edition (12.3) examines ideas around personalising learning and the related issues of inclusion, equity, technology and the role of the teaching profession.

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Edition 12.2: The improvement factor

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