No more neglect. No more cuts. Public education needs a new government.

"No more neglect. No more cuts. Public educations need a new government." This is the message from the the Australian Education Union in the lead up to the federal election in May.

"A new government is required to secure the future of Australia’s public education system," says AEU Federal president Correna Haythorpe.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Coalition Government have presided over deep cuts to public education. From the earliest years to adults seeking the skills and qualifications they need to get a secure job, Scott Morrison has shirked his responsibility to public education students at every turn.

“He has refused to extend Universal Access to preschool to three-year-olds, despite the overwhelming evidence that shows the benefits two years of high quality early learning would bring to children, to parents and to the whole economy.

“He has ripped billions from public schools, refusing to take responsibility for the school sector that teaches the vast majority of Australian children.

"His failure to fund public schools properly means every student in Australia is missing out on $1,800 school funding, on average, every year. This shortfall will be made worse by the outrageous $559 million cut to public schools in Scott Morrison’s most recent budget.

“Vocational education and training and TAFE funding is $8 billion lower since the Coalition was elected in 2013. And in the past three years under Scott Morrison, TAFE has been denied the critical funding it needs to provide high-quality vocational education for all students.

"Scott Morrison’s failure to put TAFE first has deeply impacted students with lost opportunities through course cuts, campus closures and higher fees.

“As Prime Minister, Morrison must be answerable for public education but he says that’s not his job. This must end. And to ensure it ends, Morrison must go,” Ms Haythorpe said.

The Australian Education Union will be running a $3.5 million campaign in targeted marginal seats to help ensure the Coalition does not win a fourth term.

“I urge voters to put public education first on their ballot paper,” says Ms Haythorpe.

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