The ES reps role

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The most effective sub-branches have an executive to share the work. The executive positions may include: sub-branch president, sub-branch secretary, sub-branch treasurer, ES Rep, Women’s information network contact and health and safety representative.

We encourage all sub-branches to elect an ES rep to the executive. Having an ES rep means there is a strong clear ES voice in AEU sub-branches.

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We want ES members to play an active role in their sub-branch. 

Share the above flyer, which features profiles of some of our dedicated ES reps to highlight the vital work they do and inspire more ES members to consider nominating for the ES reps position. 

We appreciate the contributions of our ES reps - large and small, as they all make a difference. ES Reps support the sub-branch executive by undertaking some of the following tasks: 

The ES Rep role

  • Being the voice for all ES members on the sub-branch.
  • Assisting with communication of AEU advice and information to ES.
  • Canvasing ES members’ views.
  • Supporting ES staff and the AEU Rep with ES concerns.
  • With the sub branch, coordinate celebrations each year for ESP Day. 
  • Participating in AEU social events.
  • Actively recruit ES members.
  • Being on the consultative committee member (not obligatory, but recommended).
  • Attending regional meetings to be the voice for ES and connect with other ES Reps.