Regional meetings

Regional meetings are an opportunity for members from a region to come together, meet and hear information from their elected leadership and councillors, discuss, share and propose solutions on matters that affect AEU members.

At regional meetings you’ll have the opportunity to hear from your organiser who will provide a snapshot of key issues in the region and share industrial wins, recruitment strategies, training opportunities and campaign updates.

Regional meetings are a great way to meet other AEU members and get more involved in your union.

Meetings are inclusive and family friendly.

Meetings commence at 5.00pm (unless otherwise stated). Most in person meetings will offer the option to join online via WebEx. Please chose your attendance option when registering for you meeting.

Members can also attend online. How to join a virtual meeting 
Access to this meeting is via a free app on your mobile phone or tablet. Before you try and join the meeting, install the 'WebEx Meetings' mobile app on your device.

Once installed tap on the link adjacent to your specific regional meeting. 

If prompted for a meeting number this can be found by clicking on your specific regional meeting link below.

Audio will work best if you use your device’s headset.

Telephone backup 
If you are unable to access WebEx or if you have trouble with sound, please click on the registration link for your specific regional meeting for details about how to proceed.

Please click on the region below for details of your next local meeting.  

Term 2, 2024                             

20 June

Inner City
South Gippsland

27 June


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