AEU HSR of the Year

Everyone knows health and safety in the workplace is vital – but we rarely acknowledge and celebrate our HSR colleagues who look after us so well.

The AEU HSR of the Year is an opportunity for all members to reflect on their HSR colleagues and the great work they do – and to give them some recognition!

The 2016 AEU HSR of the Year: Anthony Taylor

The AEU is delighted to announce the winner of the first ever AEU HSR of the Year award is Stawell Secondary College's Anthony Taylor!

Huge congratulations to Anthony, whose colleagues at Stawell SC were effusive in their praise.

"He is a great listener, solution-focused and – very importantly – knows the Occupational Health and Safety Act inside and out," they said.

In presenting the award to Anthony, AEU branch president Meredith Peace acknowledged the huge contribution made by all HSRs around the state.

"I ask all AEU members to look to Anthony and our other fantastic nominees as inspiration to take on a HSR role," she said.

"The work they do – the work done by all HSRs – is incredibly important, highly valued by colleagues and management, and very rewarding."

Congratulations and thanks to all nominees for the 2016 HSR of the Year Award. Each of them has shown the courage and compassion it takes to be the workplace leader in health and safety.


Anthony Taylor, Stawell Secondary College


Wayne Agg, Mt Erin Secondary College

Krista Barnes, Sebastopol Primary School

Matt Buckley, Rosanna Primary School

Paula Connolly, Strathmore College

Justin Harris, Geelong High School

Sue Gillahan, Donald High School

Karen Jolly, Phoenix P–12 School

Jacqui Wiltshire, Sherbrooke Community School

Click here for further information about the 2016 HSR of the year nominees.

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