Resolution: Opposition to AUKUS security pact

Resolution, 29 March 2023: AEU Federal Executive opposes AUKUS and joins the growing chorus of concern about the AUKUS security pact Australia has signed with the USA and the UK. 

The AEU notes and endorses the recent resolution of the AEU New South Wales Teachers Federation Branch Council on 18 March 2023, regarding Australia’s commitment to the AUKUS security pact.

The AEU is deeply committed to peace, opposes militarism and asserts that war should never be used to resolve international conflict. There have been too many times in history when warmongering and armaments build-up have led to international conflict, death and destruction.

The AEU opposes AUKUS and joins the growing chorus of concern that the AUKUS security pact Australia signed with the USA and the UK compromises the pursuit of an independent foreign policy and has the potential to drag Australia once again into foreign conflict and war.

Recent alarmist, war mongering commentary, deployed to bolster unsubstantiated predictions of an inevitable war with China, is of deep concern.

The announcement by the Australian Government that it will spend $368 billion on nuclear-powered submarines, increase the hosting of US military forces on Australian territory couples with continuing reports that Port Kembla is being considered as the site for a nuclear submarine base, is of deep concern for our public education communities.

While governments appear ever ready to commit huge amounts of public revenue on military expenditure there remains a serious underfunding of public pre-schools, public schools, TAFE and higher education, and other areas of the public sector.

A massive transference of public wealth to private armament manufacturers will constrain public expenditure in all government portfolios for decades to come. The AEU will continue to work with the anti-war, peace and broader union movement to expose and oppose the threat inherent in this rise in militarism.

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