School's back but Turnbull still failing on education

As students start Term 2 today not a single Victorian school has funding certainty in 2018. Malcolm Turnbull’s continued failure to back Gonski needs-based funding means schools cannot plan for next year or beyond.

AEU Victoria says Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement that he will cut $3.8 billion education funding leaves parents, principals, teachers and support staff deeply concerned.

“Malcolm Turnbull would not leave his friends in big corporations high and dry like this, managing this kind of budgetary uncertainty - unable to plan for, or even forecast their income,” said Meredith Peace, president of AEU Victoria.

“Malcolm Turnbull should not be exposing families and students to this kind of uncertainty. He has given business a $24 billion tax handout, yet in the same breath is cutting $3.8 billion for literacy, numeracy and needs-based programs for all students not least the most vulnerable and disadvantaged students in our schools.

“Every Victorian school should have the resources they need to fully provide for their students learning and welfare needs. Many schools are struggling to provide the programs students require, and it’s not the fault of teachers or principals, they simply cannot plan to address the educational inequality that too many children in their schools face.

“Schools are concerned Malcolm Turnbull is leaving a funding announcement to the eleventh hour because he intends to proceed with massive funding cuts.

"It is nearly a year since Malcolm Turnbull announced his last round of education cuts, and ahead of the federal budget he has continued to abandon Gonski needs based funding. Parents and school staff will not be fooled by these antics. They will notice and they will continue to make their voice heard right across the country.

“Investing in education is vital. Every Victorian public school is still below the School Resource Standard recommended in the Gonski Review.

“Victorian schools will lose $950 million in 2018 and 2019 when Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts hit, and the most disadvantaged schools and students will be the hardest hit.

“Malcolm Turnbull is failing our students today and into the future and it is time he acknowledged this and invested in our kids,” said Ms Peace.

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