Lara Wilson

Teacher, Heatherdale Kindergarten

I was threatened with an unlawful redundancy, but the union fought for me and helped me save my job. It was a really hard time. I’d sometimes call the union feeling shaky and flustered, but by the time I hung up I’d feel back in control.

For me it was a no-brainer to be in the union. I’ve always felt that you need to be protected; you never know what’s going to happen with your job.

I needed the AEU’s support in a former job, when my childcare centre announced they were struggling financially and may have to make some of us redundant. The next day I rang the AEU, who advised me to send through my contract. Two weeks went by before I was told I was losing my job. Management said that they would make my kindergarten teacher position part-time, and that I could apply if I wanted it!

The union was brilliant. They automatically gave feedback to my workplace, explaining that it was an unlawful redundancy because, despite a reduction in hours, the position still had the same job title, job description and funding. Things went back and forth for about three weeks, and I always felt like the union was going to fight with me and would be prepared to take it all the way if I wanted to.

There were times that I’d call the union and I’d be shaky and flustered, but by the time I hung up I’d feel back in control because they’d helped to run me through the process and explain to me my rights. When I was finally called in to a meeting with my manager, an AEU organiser came with me. The manager said that because enrolments were up, they could offer me the position with no change to my pay or conditions.

I was so pleased that the union had been on board to support me. The teaching work that we do is very taxing, and if something negative’s happening in your workplace, to have somebody who can take charge of that for you is really beneficial.

My first impression of unionism was what you see on the news – protests and stopworks – but it’s so much more. There’s the PD, the conferences, the Teacher Learning Network resource packs, and the one-on-one help if you’re being bullied or you’ve been made redundant. Then there’s the Women’s Conference – I’m going to attend the next one. I went to the Early Childhood Conference and loved it.

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