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Getting outcomes for teachers

The AEU has a long and proud history of representing Victorian public school teachers. The Victorian branch of the AEU was officially founded in 1995, but we’ve been representing teachers’ interests since 1884 with the formation of the Victorian Lady Teachers Association.

Major achievements in the past few years include:

  • The first reduction in face-to-face teaching hours for more than 30 years.
  • An extra $130 million to cover time-in-lieu payments for overnight camps.
  • Incentive payments to attract CRTs to work in hard-to-staff schools.
  • Extensively revised Dimensions of Work for education support roles, enabling range reviews for many ES members.
  • More flexible work opportunities, plus increased maternity leave, partner leave, and paid parental leave.
  • Greater job security with a significant reduction in short-term contracts for teachers and education support staff.
  • Paid placements for student-teachers in rural, regional and special schools.
  • Free laptops for all teachers as a ‘tool of the trade’.

There are more campaigns and victories to be won – so get on board and lend your voice to the growing power of AEU Victoria.

AEU: the union for public school teachers

The AEU is the peak representative body for Victorian teachers, with a seat at the table for all the major professional and industrial developments in your profession. We have decades of experience and expertise negotiating better outcomes for teachers and their students.

AEU members are informed, empowered and ready to take action when needed.

History shows that the AEU campaigns hard and wins big for teachers. As part of the Australian union movement, we also proudly work for a better, fairer society – campaigning for social justice, and proper investment in public assets such as healthcare and (of course!) education.

If you’re a Victorian public school teacher, the AEU is the union for you.

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