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Getting outcomes for TAFE teachers

We are a group of 50,000 teachers and educators working in Victorian public education. We stand together to win better pay and conditions and support one another in the workplace. We care about the future of public TAFEs, and campaign to make the system stronger. 

The AEU has a long and proud history of representing Victorian TAFE teachers in standalone TAFEs and in dual sector universities. Join us to improve your pay, job security, workload, and professional recognition.

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Benefits of being an AEU member:

  • Only members get a direct say in your workplace agreement, the rules which govern your pay and conditions.
  • If you have any problems at work, we’ll go in to bat for you with your manager or employer.
  • Members get access to free, comprehensive legal support and representation.
  • Our Member Support Centre can answer questions about your agreement, health and safety, disciplinary issues, bullying, leave entitlements, casual work and more.
  • We run a range of conferences and professional development sessions to increase your knowledge and help you build power in your workplace.

Join the AEU today

A better deal for members in standalone TAFES

Right now, TAFE teachers are stuck on an outdated workplace agreement that limits your ability to take action to get the improvements you deserve. And it seems that TAFE employers want to keep it that way. 

But, thanks to new workplace laws, we have the power to change this. With the majority of TAFE teachers' support, the AEU can apply to the Fair Work Commission for a “Single Interest Employer Authorisation” which would allow TAFE teachers to bargain collectively with their employers. 

It's vital that all teachers in standalone TAFEs support the campaign.



AEU TAP Conference 2023 - Giving Union Members a Voice

Thursday 26 October | AEU Building, 126 Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford 

With negotiations continuing in each of the TAP sectors, participants will gain skills to fight for better conditions and workload reduction, as member's voice counts when pressuring government and providers in these areas.

All AEU members from the TAFE, Disability and AMES sectors are invited to attend this highly anticipated in person event. We look forward to seeing you at the conference on 26 October.

Registrations open on Wednesday 26 July and will close at 9.00am Monday 16 October. Confirmation emails will be sent out by COB 16 October.

Further information and registration here

Resources for current AEU TAFE members

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